martes, 27 de febrero de 2007


Hi, I'm Ruben the Cat, and I'm Laura Peláez legal representative, so if you have some remark, please talk to me. In this Blog, you are going to see the biggest english "mastakes" that you ever seen, but don't look at that, the best thing that you can do is enjoy this blog . So good look!


Hi, My Name is Rubén D. and I from Colombia. I’m trying to write this in English because it’s similar to know new worlds, like the poet Eluard said “There are to many worlds, and they are here”. I’m only 144 moons old. When I was a cub, I passed the time whit my 4 little brothers and my mom, she was an excellent mother, she taught me about the meaning of the shadows, and she usually told me that we are the reflection of the stars.

Some night, my brothers and I had to take our own ways, so I decided study the strange humans’ life, so I have gone to some humans’ places like libraries, art museums, cinemas, etc... (¡Is really funny but amazing how the people pass the time!). They are a very strange animal, their thing that the nature is different to them, but they forget they are the nature too.

Well, now I’m thinking to learn something about this animal past with the art help, but first, I want to take vacations, so I’m going to go to some village on a few nights. And now, I’m going to leave you because the sun is coming and I want to sleep like to many other cats.


To be sincere, I don’t understand the difference between one day and other...¿why are the humans keep on give different names to the space among the sunrise and the sunset?...I really like to sleep when the sun is in the middle of the sky, when all the people move to one side to other trying to stain alive.

Sometimes, I quite like look at the people from the sheds, and it’s very funny! What kind of animal prefer spend their life admiring their own power, while they are losing their live?. When the sun let see the stars, I absolutely love go for a walk, and try to discover the name of the moon to begin to feel the silence secrets...


¡Of course I like the music! Even, that’s the stuff I write whit my tail moves. I absolutely love the Music of the Night, because it composer is the sky, it instruments are the stars, and it interpreter are the lovers eyes. So I have saw the music notes on the wind waves, I have felt how the zephyr play the dreamer hands, I have heard the freedom (my favorite kind of music) singing to the young souls, but it’s sadly, because is difficult to know someone who want to listen her.